Friday, November 30, 2012

C'mon Texas. Get it Together. People are Watching.

The world is watching to see what ridiculous thing Texas will do next. Texas acquired 94,700 signatures on its petition to secede from the United States one week after President Obama was re-elected by an overwhelming majority to serve a second term.  I don't profess to have my pulse on what everyone in Texas is doing, but I don't know anyone who signed the petition.  And... I don't know anyone who knows anyone who signed it.  

Yet, I have to endure the constant jokes about the things things we Texans do.  Yes, I said "we".  Texas  is my home and I love almost everything about living  here.  I have to bear the good with the bad.  We all have those friends or family members that do things to embarrass us.  We don't disown them.  We simply shake our heads and say, "Well, you know Ronnie's not right in the head".   

Right now, Texas is America's "Ronnie".

The longest serving judge in the state, a criminal court judge, has an active warrant for his arrest. The warrant was issued because of a traffic ticket. Judge Lawrence Meyers refused to pay his fine because he didn't think the fee/punishment fit the crime. Really Judge Meyers???  We all have the right to appeal our cases if we feel the punishment is not appropriate, but... I  wonder how many criminals have been sentenced in his court and felt the punishment didn't fit the crime.  This story made the national news.  C'mon Texas. People are watching us.

People in other states generalize and assume we are all in agreement with the shenanigans going on here.  Let me assure you we are not.   Austin, Texas currently has 9,000 signatures on a petition to allow them to remain a part of the United States if Texas is successful in its bid to secede.

Texas is notorious for its hurricanes and floods.  The next time the hurricanes and flood waters come to Texas I wonder if any of the people who signed that petition to secede will accept help from FEMA?

We try our best to keep "Ronnie" under control, but you sometimes "Ronnie" goes rogue.  People are watching Texas.  Let's get it together.

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  1. Enjoyed it. It should be noted the Judge's orignial speeding ticket was in 2008 - how he was able to go 4 years with not paying it is appalling!! And the fact that he only paid it last Thursday after it made the the news is embarrassing.

    1. @anonymous4:04pm Thanks for your comment. Thanks for listening. I agree with, it's appalling! I wonder what would happen if you or I tried that approach. Be sure to listen and call in next Sunday!

  2. I am also a proud Texan. A few things to consider if Texas secedes. If I have a child attending college out of state, will she be considered an international student? Will she need her passport stamped to come home for break? How will this affect her scholarship?!!!

    However, since we will only have Texans and Cowboys football, fantasy football picks will be quick and easy.

    1. @Anonymous6:28pm Thanks for your comment. Thanks for listening. Great question...your point brings up other questions too. If I temporarily move to Louisiana for extended business purposes, do I need a work VISA?

      Great point about the fantasy football choices.... perhaps we need to rethink this Texas.
      Be sure to listen and call in next Sunday.

  3. I, for one think the full ramifications were not considered. My main thought is without the US military, Texas will in short order revert to Tejas. As for passports and visas, won't we be considered a hostile nation?
    In all seriousness,the premise of these United States was to be free to express you opinions and practice your religion without fear of persecution. Those first pilgrims to stake a claim on these shores were not native to this land,they were immigrants. They also were not all Caucasian, the first man to die to begin this experiment in demacracy was in fact a free man of color. If we must , we need to revisit why America is, to understand who we are as a nation.

  4. Great comment Vikki! Texas is one of many great states in these United States of America. When divided we can not stand.
    As a democracy it is unfair to make attempts to secede when your party's presidential candidate does not win.
    Be sure to listen and call in next Sunday at 5:30 pm CST.