Thursday, July 7, 2016

Omar Mateen: America's Son

America has been wounded by one of its own. 
We can't distance ourselves from the young man who murdered innocent victims who were out for a fun night on the town. We raised him, we educated him, we fed his body, his soul and his mind. We can't cast him aside and assign him to the the "catch all" category of Muslim. As if that is a justification. 

Most crimes in the United States are committed by Christians. Omar Mateen is American. He's one of our own.

How did we raise a child that was capable of such hate? How did we, who are responsible for ensuring the safety of, and loving our fellow man, produce a young man with so much vitriol and contempt, and the angst that allowed him to plan and carry out a scheme that would cause Americas soul to ache?

Where did we go wrong? How do we make sure that the rest of our kids learn from this and don't make the same choices?