Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Texas Pastor Bans Hair Weaves....

Texas pastor bans hair weaves by members. 
Today I’m concerned about an article that has been featured on television, radio, on blogs and all over the internet.  It’s the story of Pastor A.J. Amir of Resurrecting Faith Church in Waco, Texas.  The pastor of the church has made headlines because he has banned the wearing of hair weaves by members of his church. 

There are so very many issues that Pastor Amir could choose to address in his church that I am actually surprised he has time to worry about the condition of his member’s hair.  He indicates that his church members are struggling financially.  What programs does he have in place at Resurrecting Faith Church to increase financial literacy? Does he have job placement assistance or career guidance support at the church?  If he is questioning the parenting choices made by his parishioners, does he have a parenting skills class available to address his concern?

AmericanPreachers.com quotes Pastor Amir:
“I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. “Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

As a woman, I know that there are any number reasons we may choose to wear hair weaves… hair loss due to medication, stress or illness, convenience due to a demanding schedule, consistency in professional appearance, to achieve a desired look or simply because we feel like doing something different.

It’s his church, he can make the rules as he deems appropriate.  As women, and as Americans, we have the right to choose to worship elsewhere if we don’t agree.

Don’t look for This Woman's Words on Sunday, Pastor Amir.

Do you think Pastor Amir is right to use his platform to focus on hair when there are other issues to be addressed in his community?

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Power From Within: Heal your OWN self

Guest Post:
Join This Woman's Words as welcome Susie Shantina Dixon of The Chronicles of Jaded Kisses!

Why are we so apt to taking the bad but being terrified to receive the good and perfect will of that which is Eternal? Why is there a need to be justified by someone who has no clue what you look like outside of your girdle and makeup let alone have your best interests at heart? Why do we stay in relationships that are killing us with every negative word spoken? WHY?
These and other questions go thru the mind of at least one person who just wanted to do better but LIfe kept getting the best of them. LIFE and all the things that come with her nasty self just kept beating you down until NOW. Until you meet someone that said "Here. I see you trying. Let me show you the way. Now I can't walk it out for you but what I can do is show you that life can be as beautiful as any words that you speak." Now on that same token , life can be bad only if you persist in calling that thang forward. They used to say whatever dog you keep calling, will come to you. With that in mind, how do we get from looking down to seeing that there is a bright better future ahead of you baby. Just keep moving... Just keep getting up every day with a song, beat box or whatever gets you in a happy mood. Keep your happiness close to heart and always on your mind.
 My FAVE 5 Things to keep me going:

  • Determination -  You can only go as far as your determination. NUFF SAID
  •  Persistence - For every time someone tries to hold you down, you have to keep pushing and going until you prove to yourself (NOT THEM) that you can. Once you accomplished, that there is nothing to stop you from doing anything because now you know it's possible.
  • Hope- You can't even live in THIS life without some kind of hope. You gotta have it. Without a glitter of hope life will eat you alive and you will struggle. But with hope anything is possible. As long as Beyonce and all these other beautiful people roam the Earth, Hope will forever be alive. You know there are some people who have no hope of getting them but they always hope. They stand in their hopes unshakable. So WHY NOT have hope that I can be and do WHATEVER I WANT!!  Yes!! I love hope because you made up your mind to see whatever it id that you are hoping for. 
  • Hard Work- Ya girl is not afraid to get down and ugly for what I want. SO one day I never have to get dirty a day in my future, if I choose not too. 
  • Support!!! No man is an island. We all need a positive somebody that lets us be us and listens. ALL that is important. As human beings, we are built to take care of others. We do it so well that we forget about ourselves in the process. Take an hour daily to do something for yourself. It's very hard to give out to someone else when your own internal supply is bare and empty.

In closing, be good to yourself, even if no one else does because the right people are waiting for you. You have all the power, strength and courage you need to change your life from anything that happened in yesterday or yesteryear.. You deserve to be happy. You deserve great health and great wealth!!!


Bio: Susie Dixon is a local fashion designer, image consultant,social media maven. She is the mother of 3 beautiful girls. She and her husband will be married for 5 years in May. They reside in Houston, Texas. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, reading, thrifting, and blogging. As a blogger, she likes to take her readers on a journey with her as she goes to different events, tries out the latest trends and designs new garments. She began to design when she grew tired of ill fitting clothes and couldn’t always afford to use a tailor. Designing lets her to be as classic and creative as her imagination allows.
Connect with Tina Dixon:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jadedkisses11
Website: www.jadedkisses.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jadedkisses

What keeps you going when faced with adversity? 

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