Saturday, May 7, 2016

Have You Been Trumped?

This time last year I have to admit, I didn't see Donald Trump as serious presidential candidate.  I saw him as someone whose role was simply to force the Republican Party to look at issues that he and his team deemed as important. I never expected his bid for the White House to last more than two or three months. I thought he'd be out of the race before Rick Perry from Texas. Boy, was I wrong.

I am African American and a proud Texan. I have a multi-cultural, multi-racial, melting-pot, "portrait of America" family. My family is African American, Mexican American, European American, Chinese American, Colombian American, Nigerian American, Middle Eastern, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist, Church of God in Christ, Methodist, Veterans, Disabled Veterans, formerly captured Veterans, gay, straight, women, men,  women in their child-bearing years, academicians, political activists, artists, musicians, actors, doctors, business owners, CPAs, teachers, school principals, professors, therapists, postal workers, salespersons, law enforcement, supervisors, real estate agents, nurses, finance managers, hourly workers, volunteers, retirees, coaches, pastors, authors, college students, law school students, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

I am America.
I can not support or stand with someone who offends or threatens the safety and stability of my family. 

I will not be Trumped.
I vote.

What are you going to do?

Photo courtesy of Business Insider