Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Obama Wins!


After all of the divisiveness we've seen in this presidential campaign, we did it! After all of the millions of dollars spent by a handful of millionaires, it wasn't enough.  Ultimately their millions could not make up for the fact that the candidate the Republicans chose just was not what America wants or needs.

It is time now for Democrats and Republicans to find a way to work together. Mitch McConnell was unsuccessful in his goal of making sure that President Obama was a one term president. The voting public has said overwhelmingly that we are tired of the gridlock.  Perhaps the outcome of this election will cause both sides to understand that voters expect them to work together.  We have grown weary of having America suffer economically and socially because of an agenda that has little to do with doing what is best for America.  America voted not only for what is good for the individual, but for what is good for the country.  As Bruce Springsteen says, "We take care of our own".

America is changing.  The Republican party has  had their heads stuck in the sand or in the 1950's or some other blind spot.  They are in denial about our current America. The middle class is expanding.  Latinos, African-Americans, women, the LGBT community, the 47%, the Occupy groups across the nation can no longer be ignored.  As a nation we are more politically aware now than at any time besides the civil rights era.  For many people, President Obama's policies are very closely aligned with their own personal policies.  For others who voted for President Obama, they simply were afraid of what would happen under a Romney administration.

I am proud to be an American. Voting matters. Let's move FORWARD!

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  1. I was so very proud to see people stuck with it despite the efforts to discourage. It reminded me of my grandmother as she put aside money for "poll taxes", it didn't stop her.

  2. Thanks for your comment Vikki. Paul Ryan is quoted as saying, "We under estimated the voter turnout in urban areas" as the reason they lost.