Sunday, November 25, 2012


On the last episode of This Woman’s Words Radio we talked about family.  We’ve heard from our listeners. They want more.  We received feedback offline about the content and guests of the show.  Our listeners loved what both of our guests shared about their own unique stories.  Bo, an African American male, was raised in a single family home to a mother who worked long hours and went to school to support the family.  Marybelle, a Colombian American was raised in a deeply religious, traditional Spanish home.  She was raised with both parents, most of the time. There were times when her father was away from the family. 

Our listeners want to hear from other families.  We know that families are born by both DNA and by LOVE.  In today’s show, we will talk about blended families, LGBT families, and adopted families.  In America and beyond, there are untold possibilities as to how a family is formed.  Let’s talk about it. 

On last week’s show both guests shared how their family of origin shaped them to be the persons they are today.  Both are now married with two children.  Bo has started his own family traditions, inviting family and friends to share in every holiday.  Each holiday is filled with lots food, family and fun.  Marybelle continues holiday traditions she learned from her family.  Everyone gathers, everyone cooks, and the matriarch, her mother oversees the roasting of the family Thanksgiving turkey.

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