Wednesday, August 8, 2012

American Sikh: A Case for Gun Control?

How will the most recent shootings impact families and children in the coming years?  They are happening everywhere... Colorado, Wisconsin, where next? One of the founding principles in America was FREEDOM OF RELIGION.  I  have a hard time understanding  how one man gets to a point in his life that he feels he has the authority to restrict another American from practicing his religion of choice. Is the "white power music" THAT persuasive?

As I look at the constant news coverage, the therapist in me wonders not only about those directly touched by the most recent mass shootings, but I am also concerned about the families, especially the children who are watching the news coverage.  As a nation, are we beginning to feel vulnerable on our own soil again? As we did immediately following the 9/11 tragedy....

I also wonder what is the right solution to keeping guns out of the hands of those who mean to do harm? I believe law abiding citizens have the right to bear arms to protect themselves and their loved ones. But how do you keep those who don't have a criminal history ...yet... from purchasing guns???? In the most recent shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, it is my understanding that guns and ammunition were purchased within the boundaries of our current laws.   

It is my prayer that the acts of this lost soul will not cause a single practicing Sikh to stop attending or even hesitate to attend temple.  
As a nation, let's agree to wrap our arms around the families directly impacted in this tragedy and give them a strong, solid, American hug.

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