Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Makes His Mark


 Hurricane Isaac made landfall as a Category 1 late last night. This morning we are hearing stories of water over top of the levee in Plaquemines Parish.  They are experiencing flooding.  Rescues are taking place.  This slow moving system could  pound New Orleans and its surrounding areas with rain for up to 36 hours.  400, 000 residents in Louisiana are without electricity.
Many people chose to stay in New Orleans, sure that the upgraded levees would be strong enough and high enough to hold back the water.  Somebody has to do it, but I would not stay to be a test subject.  Maybe next time. or the time after that.  In experimental situations not under my control my mantra has always been "never go first, go third".  I believe in giving the experts time to work out the bugs in the system. Would you stay? Did you stay?
I will spend a part of my day watching news coverage of Hurricane Isaac.  While I'm watching I will pray for those in the path of Isaac, the first responders and their families, those risking their lives to bring us news coverage, the elected officials who have difficult decisions to make and for those who are preparing to go in to provide much needed assistance.
Let's get it right this time folks.

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