Friday, August 10, 2012

Abortion...Mitt Romney

Today I am concerned about a recent poll conducted August 6-7. The poll was conducted via telephone with over a thousand registered Republicans and Independents that lean towards the GOP.  The public is working in earnest to figure out who Romney will select as his vice presidential running mate.  The poll indicates that 42% of those surveyed want Romney to select a VP who believes that abortion should be illegal.  For 42%, this was their TOP priority!  I am not quite old enough to have had friends lost to back room abortions, but the reality is that they will return if Roe vs. Wade is ever overturned.  Of all of the things the GOP could focus on....why abortion?  
Women's health should never be compromised.  The reality of our current and past America is that people are having sex.  Sometimes people have sex and the unexpected result is pregnancy.  This is not a new challenge.  Before Roe vs. Wade, wealthy families took their daughters to the family doctor after hours and the unexpected pregnancy was taken care of and never spoken of again.  Or they sent their pregnant daughters to a home for unwed mothers where they stayed until the baby was born. The babies were then adopted. There daughters returned to school and went on to lead productive lives.
Wealthy families had palatable options.
Poor families of all races...Black, White, Latino, Asian... had options too. Have the baby, and face the financial challenges of having an unplanned pregnancy. Or go to some shady character  that is known in your community for conducting unsanctioned, substandard, often unsanitary abortions. Not much of a choice, but that was all there was. Most often the birth of the unplanned baby altered the life of the mother forever.
I don't want to see America move backwards.

America its time to move FORWARD!

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