Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Power of Women

Today I had the honor of being a guest speaker at a Women’s Empowerment Conference held at a local university.  I spoke to the women in attendance about relationships.  Of course I talked about all of the typical things you would expect me to discuss… Don’t lose sight of who you are in the relationship; the importance of communication.  Typical relationship topics…  Several women came up to me after the event and shared specifics about their own relationships. 

While the women at the conference learned from me at the event, I was enriched by being in their presence as well.  I was once again reminded of the indomitable power that women possess.
Women have endured a multitude of travesties since the beginning of time and we continue to survive.  We recently had to pull together to help the Senate understand the importance of passing the Violence Against Women Act.  We are joining together en mass to address the human trafficking problems in the United States and across the globe, we have joined together for over a hundred years in the U.S. in support of public education. Women are powerful and when we set a goal, we can get it done.  

At the Women's Empowerment Conference today women shared stories about working, raising children, getting married, failed marriages, fertility issues, breast cancer and on and on…. And they survived.  Women…Empowered!

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