Sunday, January 13, 2013

Using Social Media for Business?

Facebook has only been around for nine years.  For many of people today it’s hard to imagine our lives without checking our Facebook page several times per day.  But nine short years ago there was no Facebook.  What was initially started as a tool for use on a single college campus has become the norm not only on college campuses, but for stay at home Moms, grandparents and Fortune 500 businesses alike.  Most companies of all sizes have at the least a Facebook page and Twitter account.  Most large companies have a Social Media Department or person as part of their communications component.
How did we get to this point? Businesses are using social media as a way of determining trends to forecast sales. They use search engine optimization to ensure that the right people find them.  Businesses have learned that email is in fact a viable form of communication.  Many times people never meet face to face to exchange ideas and conduct business. 
Businesses are in a never ending search for “likes” and “tweets” from the social media world.  Mom and Pop businesses are now known globally through the effective use of social media.  I am still rather new to exploring the many facets of social media. 
What does the growth and presence of social media mean for business in 2013? How has social media helped your small business to grow?

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