Monday, January 28, 2013

Overcoming Barriers to Follow Your Passion

I had a great discussion this weekend on This Woman's Words radio about Overcoming Barriers to Follow your Passion with Los Angeles based songwriter, musician and performer John McConnell of ProLyric Productions and John McConnell Music and Houston based Public Relations expert Vannessa Wade of Connect the Dots PR.  Vannessa has been a Guest Blogger on This Woman's Words.  We talked about how so many of us have a passion to be and do so much more than we are currently doing in our lives.  Yet we take the safe route.  The reasons for taking the safe route will vary from person to person. But many of us never get the courage to try.

Both John and Vannessa have great personal stories about how their journeys continue to unfold.  They both learned quite a bit about themselves in the process.  Their stories of overcoming barriers can enrich and uplift us all. I encourage you to learn more about them by listening to the show.

Following a dream or a passion may mean you have to overcome illness, financial challenges, you may have a partner and children to consider … but….What would happen if you stepped out on faith, confidence in your individual or collective excellence or simply on blind trust in the universe to follow your passion? 

I'd love to read your comments.

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