Monday, December 24, 2012

Guest Post: Dreaming of a White Christmas


Join This Woman's Words in welcoming public relations expert Vannessa Wade as our guest today.  Please leave your comments below:

     There is something magical about this time of year. The air is cool. People hurry from store to store, strangers open the door for one another, people indulge in food and fun and if you listen closely you may even hear carolers.
      Kindness does not have to be a dirty word. Why limit reconnecting with family and friends to once a year? Why send a card once a year? The night before Christmas is the perfect time to think about the ultimate gifts we have. No, not the latest gadgets or shoes, but the gift of health, life and the ability to dream big and take a dream and make it a reality. Enjoy the gift of freedom and hope even in the face of uncertainty. We can dream of a White Christmas, but we can also dream of a better world.
        As 2013 arrives, aim to show kindness in all you do. As business owners we have our hands full with retaining business, meetings, ordering supplies and building relationships with those around us, yet we too have a reason to be filled with cheer. Our clients help us develop skills and help us follow our dream by helping them build theirs. We get to do what we love and enjoy. We get to build our vision and rest in knowing that we are making a difference. So embrace this day and every day as a day to bring joy to the world! 

Vannessa Wade is CEO and founder of Connect The DotsPR. She is a graduate of the University of Houston with a BA in Communications and has been featured in numerous newspapers, TV and radio segments. Her love of pr dates back to internships were she was able to improve the company’s bottom line, build relationships, and create memorable community events.  Her passion for community involvement landed her at a non profit where she spearheaded campaigns, maintained press relations, and built a strong community relations program. Vannessa has used her skills for  The American Cancer Society, Office of Presidential Correspondence, and UNICEF.  She is active in her community and volunteers with a variety of organizations.

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