Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas: What Does it Mean in 2012?

Christmas is five days away. There is so much going on in America right now that I haven’t really had the luxury of focusing on Christmas.  Democrats and Republicans are facing off at the edge of the fiscal cliff.  We’ve had two mass shootings within the past two weeks.  We have once again moved the challenge of fair and balanced gun laws to the forefront of our national conversations. The nation continues to struggle with high unemployment rates.

This year I am not caught up in the consumerism that has come to be synonymous with the holiday season.  This year I am firmly focused on the love and appreciation I have for my family. In the past year I have lost several loved ones.  Their absence will be felt this Christmas.

This holiday season more than any other I understand that the greatest gift of all is to love and be loved.

As I watch story after story on the news about shoppers crowding the malls I wonder “What does Christmas Mean in 2012?’ I’d love to read your answers to that simple question.

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