Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Romney's Opening Night Performance

 President Obama did not give the flash and pizazz that we have come to expect from him.  If we judge President Obama against President Obama, I have to agree with the polls, this was not his greatest showing.  Because we expect so little of Willard Romney, the polls are responding to his showing of emotions tonight.  If we compare Romney to typical Romney, he had a good night. 

That said, I am still struggling with understanding Romney's plans.  I feel sure that Big Bird is going to get fired if Romney is elected, but beyond that, I'm still in the dark. I am still waiting to hear the details.  Romney says he will repeal Obamacare.  Okay, but what are you going to put in its place?  I need to know more about the plans for Medicare.  I'm not at that magic age he mentions, so how EXACTLY will the changes he wants to make impact me? 

Tell me something about the 5 trillion dollar tax cuts you are planning Willard.  How are you going to pay for it? Romney is quoted as saying he will "create more jobs, decrease debt and shrink government".  Okay, but how Mitt? How are you planning to do it?

I had the privilege today to participate on a pre-debate panel with HuffPost Live to discuss "zingers" used in presidential debates.  One of the things I said on the panel was that I don't need Romney to practice zingers, I need substance!  Here I am after the debate, still waiting for that substance.

We are only a few weeks away from the election.  The American people need to know your plans Willard Romney.  Americans don't know Romney well enough to just trust that he'll do the right thing.  I haven't forgotten that he dismissed me and half of America by saying it's "not my job to worry about them".  I have to assume that I am part of the infamous 47%.  Am I supposed to now believe that he cares?  

Willard Romney had a good performance tonight.  It was a performance.  He practiced for weeks.  It worked. Now show me your taxes Willard!


  1. While one can say his Performance was good I still heard very dismissive remarks,like poor people and current recipients.Most importantly his focus still remains on undoing current reform measures that have allowed many Americans to survive during our attempt to recover from issues created by previous administration.With no clear plan does this not bring us back to the same 2007 position??????

    1. @anonymous...good point. And once again I have to ask, if he "undoes" current reform measures what will he put in their place?