Monday, October 1, 2012

Presidential Debate is More Than Zingers


I am eagerly awaiting the first debate between President Obama and Willard Romney, I have to admit it.  Both sides are working hard to downplay the debating abilities of their perspective candidates.  I fully expect President Obama to come away from this and subsequent debates in an even better position to win the election. We are roughly five weeks away from the election.  Most polls show Romney trailing the President in expected votes by 2-8 points, depending on the poll.  
So once again, Romney's camp is saying that this will be the thing to re-energize their campaign.  Governor Chris Christie said over the weekend that after the debate "the campaign will turn around".  How many times will this campaign re-invent itself.  At this point anyone who is trying to hold on to their faith in the republican candidate for president must feel like they are chasing a runaway car down a steep hill.  It's hard to keep up.  
Romney is apparently practicing "zingers" that he will spout during the debate.  "Zingers" may play well as sound bites, but I need more substance in a candidate for president.  "Zingers" should be authentic.  Not something that you practice.  They should be born from your own true feelings, not memorized words from a speech writer.  Is it just me, or doesn't that take away the "sting" from the "zinger"?
Who do you think will benefit from the Presidential Debates this month?

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